The Center for Missional Leadership supports global mission partners or associates in the United States, Africa, Central America, South America, and the Middle East. We also work with organizations in the areas of leadership and organizational development. Our partners in leadership and organizational development are iDynamx, and Perspectives.

We are associated with mission partners in South America: Torre Fuerte (Peru), El Rebano de Jesus (Peru), and Restoration Ministries (Brazil). In Israel, we work with confidential partners through Omega (Israel/Texas). In Southern Asia, we support Wycliffe missionaries. In Rwanda, we support Bridge2Rwanda. In North America, we support Sparrow Ministries, as well as many different programs to develop everyday mission in North America.


Our mission partners are primarilyinvolved in Health and Food Insecurity, Church Planting, Orphanages, Medical Ministry, Street Children, Education, Leadership Development, MicroBusiness, Volunteer Recruitment, Need Fulfillment and Evangelism. Due to some partnerships being located in sensitive areas, their names may be withheld in confidence with regard to the web.